The Uprising of the Stories

adapted from a text by Sînziana Popescu
A production by Tony Adam

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About the show


Directed by: Tony Adam
Stage design: Cristian Marin
Choreography: Ioana Macarie

Stories are crucial to our education; they open the door to the world of books and develop the universe of adult life. Times are constantly changing, children are adapting to the current speed of technological change, parents are overwhelmed themselves by the virtual universe, time has compressed, and the magic of a story loses ground with each passing year.

The show „The Uprising of the Stories” addresses the loss of the pleasure of comfortably flipping through a book and imagining stories full of magic, characters, and colour. In a world dominated by tablets and video games, the child's most important friend is at risk of being lost - the imagination, the one that enables the little ones to have the courage to dream and to fight with determination to fulfil their dreams.

The Uprising of the Stories” conveys the message that stories can only continue to exist if they are read, nurtured, and loved. Otherwise, all the beloved characters from our childhood fairy tales rebel, wither and become outdated. The characters of the play, Mihai and George, children themselves, enter the world of knowledge and imagination, being tasked with saving the fairy tale characters and the emotion of meeting them from oblivion.

OPENING NIGHT: 31st March 2019, 19:00 – Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes, no intermission


George –  Marian Sas
Mihai – Tudor Cucu Dumitrescu
Step Mother – Manuela Hărăbor / Ana Maria Ivan
The Wolf / The Dragon / Doc (Dwarf) – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Prince Charming / The Wizard of Oz / Grumpy (Dwarf) – Cătălin Frăsinescu
Hänsel – Cristi Neacșu
Gretel – Anca Pascu / Irina Cărămizaru
The Goat / Cinderella / Sneezy (Dwarf) – Silvia Stanciu
Little Red Riding Hood / Dopey – Ștefania Dumitru
The Mirror – Magda Condurache
Snow White – Mădălina Mihai
The Sister / Sleepy / The Monster – Cristina Marin
The Sister / Bashful (Dwarf) / The Monster –  Carmen Mărgărit
Donkey / Happy (Dwarf) – Anda Stoian

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