The Little Prince

based on the eponymous story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
A theatre/dance concept by Ioana Macarie

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Conceptul, regia și coregrafia: Ioana Macarie
Stage and costume design: Oana Drăghici
Sound design: Teodor Pisai

The Little Prince” is a theatre/dance show about childhood innocence, a stellar journey of two friends, a child-adult couple, a human relationship that can be found in any family. In this adventure, the child meets characters who help him discover and appreciate the valuable things in life - joy and play, generosity, kindness, and beauty. They will also guide him through the difficult and sometimes painful process of growing up. The adult travels in the opposite direction, discovering the importance of innocence in adult life.

The Little Prince” speaks of friendship in its purest sense, a friendship that transcends the barriers of age and space.

Why theatre/dance? Dance is a universal language that conveys emotions and "translates" complicated messages to children regardless of their age, keeping intact the meanings and complexity of the original text. We are looking forward to you joining us for a delicate and very special show.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 23rd of March 2018 - Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes, no intermission


The Little Prince – Alexandru Floroiu
The Aviator – Cătălin Frăsinescu
The Explorer – Cosmin Vasile
The Fox – Anca Pascu
The Snake – Manuela Hărăbor
The Flower – Cristina Marin Neagu
The Roses – Anda Stoian, Ioana Rufu, Carmen Mărgărit, Ruxandra Stanciu
The King – Alexandru Obretin
The Business Man – Florentin Munteanu
The Vain Man –Larisa Ciucle

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