Lampio and the Grain of Light

adapted from a story by Victoria Pătrașcu
A production by Tony Adam

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Directed by: Tony Adam
Stage design: Cristian Marin
Choreography: Ioana Macarie

            „Lampio and the Grain of Light is a show that must be watched through the soul’s eyes, a therapeutic story about courage, determination, talent, and the discovery of one's own value.

Lampio is each of us and mirrors our inner explorations. He is a firefly that has lost its light. He doesn't know where and when, but he is determined to find it. Otherwise, what would a firefly on Earth be without its light? And this is how miracles, magic, friends, and challenges appear, and our little character’s quest does not stop until he discovers his true calling.

The life lessons that our charming friend must learn are essential in order to reach the City of Dreams, the place where he will find out what his purpose in life is. "You can only shine when you do what you really like!”

We invite you to watch a delicate and sensitive story, to discover a different superhero who achieves his goal through knowledge and perseverance.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 16th of October 2017 - Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes, no intermission


Lampio – Tudor Cucu Dumitrescu / Alexandru Ivănoiu
Stela – Ștefania Dumitru
Luciano – Tudor Cucu Dumitrescu
The Fairy – Crina Matei / Irina Cărămizaru
Spot – Mihai Pricope
Flash – Florentin Munteanu
Ray – Alexandru Obretin
Noctilunga / Longnighty – Florentin Munteanu / Cosmin Vasile
The Bird Hope – Cristina Marin Neagu
Squeaky – Ruxandra Stanciu
Zdup – Lari Ciucle
Yup – Denisa Ispir

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