Stealing Lily of the Valley

adaptation after Valeriu Anania
A production by Amalia Ciolan

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About the show


Directed by: Amalia Ciolan
Stage design: Mihaela Popescu
Choreography: Ioana Macarie

The text of the play „Stealing Lily of the Valley„, written in the 50s by the Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania, reinterprets the parable of the prodigal son, one of the most famous religious parables. The play presents the experiences of a lost and hopeless man, who finally gets a chance to be reborn. Eliabar, an impulsive and brave young man, feels a great need to break away from the familiar environment of his family, a decisive step towards his development. He embarks on his initiation journey to Corinth not to waste his wealth, but to gather knowledge about himself and the world. His adventures remind us of our own trials during the "going out into the world” phase of our lives: dosing our trust in others, testing friendship and loyalty, feeling helpless in the face of the unexpected.

Stealing Lily of the Valley„, rich in visual metaphors, reflects current themes and concerns - the search for one's own meaning in the world, the connection with the family and the place of birth, the importance of fair values in a confused world, driven by the blind desire for riches.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 21st of September 2018, 19: 00, Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall
RUNNING TIME: 1h 20 minutes, no intermission


Eli – Viorel Păunescu
Rimon – Alexandru Floroiu
Eliabar – Cristian Neacșu
Humbaba – Paul Cimpoieru
Fanuel – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Critias – Cătălin Frăsinescu
Tamara – Tamara Roman
Ariadna – Teodora Calagiu / Ana Maria Carablais
The People – Cosmin Vasile,  Cristina Marin Neagu, Carmen Mărgărit, Anda Stoian, Eva Danciu, Florentin Munteanu

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