Woman, The Eternal Mystery

an interwar story adapted from a script by Ema Stere
A production by Attila Vizauer

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Directed by: Attila Vizauer
Stage design: Anca Albani
Sound design: Raul Kusak
Choreography: Ioana Macarie

A show about the charming old Bucharest that has kept its charisma over the years, about the refined humour and the spiritual charges between the clients that transformed its chic terraces into real arenas for intellectual or social duels….

Woman, The Eternal Mystery” introduces an evening of interwar musical delights as the background of a suspenseful mystery gradually unfolding. The farcical ending intentionally leaves the audience second guessing, shrouded in the mists of legends.

Famous songs performed live, a remarkable choreography and the actors’ passion are located in a refined scenic space that suggestively describes the air of a cosmopolitan Bucharest long gone, which elicits admiration, attraction and delight to this day.

Stela Popescu Theatre invites you to a vintage flavoured evening, at the end of which we hope to have sparked your curiosity to browse through the histories of Bucharest, in search of its old-fashioned sepia-coloured images and its people and their passionate stories.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 18th of January 2019, 19: 00, Children’s National Palace, The Small
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes, no intermission


Miss Dorothea – Crina Matei 
Maestro Dorel – Daniel Filipescu
Maria, assistant cook – Ana Maria Ivan
Pavel, waiter at „The Lion and the Sausage” – Cristian Neacșu
Monsieur Jacques, chef at „The Lion and the Sausage” – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Gicuțu, caretaker of the pub – Viorel Păunescu


Gabriel Stănescu – violin; Ionuț Preda/Emilian Ciobanu – accordion; Raul Kusak /Alexandru Burcă / Alexandru Răileanu – piano

Dansatori: Florentin Munteanu, Lari Ciucle, Cosmin Vasile, Ruxandra Stanciu, Cristina Marin

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