Peter Shaffer


translated into Romanian by Adrian Nicolae

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About the show


Directed by: Victor Ioan Frunză
Stage design: Adriana Grand

translated into Romanian by Adrian Nicolae

A two-act psychological drama, „Equus” is a compelling play about ritual sacrifice, and religious fascination turned into irrational haven, and erotic worship. Inspired by real events, the well-known play by Peter Shaffer became one of the leading productions of contemporary British drama shortly after its 1973 premiere, and was rewarded with a Tony Award, followed by a revered film adaptation.

Press reports:

Nona Rapotan, – citește articolul aici.

Radu Preda, – citește articolul aici.

Dana Cristescu, – citește articolul here.

Mircea Morariu, – citește articolul here.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 28th of September 2021, 19: 00 – Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall


Martin Dysart, psychiatrist – George Costin
Alan Strang, 17 years old – Tudor Cucu Dumitrescu
Frank Strang, Alan’s father ­- Alexandru Pavel
Dora Strang, Alan’s mother – Mirela Zeța
Hesther Salomon, magistrate – Crina Matei
Jill Mason, girl working at the stables – Ana Crețu
Harry Dalton, the owner of the stables – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Horse Nugget – Adrian Ban
Nurse – Ana Maria Ivan
The Trojan Horse – Andrei Dogaru
The Soldier Horse – Visarion Udatu

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