The Love of Three Oranges

a tragicomedy adapted from a sketch by Carlo Gozzi
A production by Michele Modesto Casarin

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Directed by: Michele Modesto Casarin
Adaption: Carlotta Pansa și Michele Modesto Casarin
Stage and costume design: Licia Lucchese
Mask maker: Stefano Perocco di Meduna
Composer: Raul Kusak
Choreography: Ioana Macarie
Video design: Florin Boicescu

Cu The Love of Three Oranges ne întoarcem la basm și încercăm să ardem crizele lumii prezente în ritul laic al teatrului pe o scenă modernă, în fața unui public prizonier în tehnologie și virtual. Oamenii au nevoie să-și oglindească în poveste propriile frici și lipsuri, au nevoie să râdă ca să le depășească, au nevoie să își dea jos măștile ca să (se) poată vedea.

Asthenia, hypochondria, melancholy, the well-known strongholds of our century, torment Prince Tartaglia, the son of King Silvio. An expert must be consulted for his incurable diseases - Truffaldino, a famous jester, who is given the most important task in the kingdom: to make the sad prince smile again. Remedies are not easy to find in life or in any story, and to make matters worse, a curse is cast. The rest is a story of enchanted oranges, real princesses, initiation journeys and a very predictable happy ending.

In commedia dell’arte, however, the heroes are critical. The masks and their actions, in thick touches of fairy-tale scent and lust, both challenge us to accept our own feelings in the carnival of real life.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 5th of October 2018, 19: 30, Children’s National Palace, The Large Hall
RUNNING TIME: 1h 20 minutes, no intermission


Tartaglia, the heir to the crown – Răzvan Teodorescu
Truffaldino, butler – Adrian Ciobanu
Silvio, King of Hearts / The Peasant – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Pantalone, prime minister / The Beggar – Cătălin Frăsinescu / Andrei Atabay
Clarice, the King’s niece – Ana – Maria Ivan
Brighella, page – Vlad Benescu
The old fortune teller – Manuela Hărăbor
Creonta, the dragon / The Laundress / Pulcinella Torero – Georgiana Vrațiu
Princess Margherita, the first orange/ The Mouse / Pulcinella Leone – Silvia Maurițiu
Princess Gelsomina, the second orange / The Gate / Pulcinella Domatore – Ioana Lixăndroaia
Princess Althea, the third orange / Pulcinella Toro / Poarta – Ioana Rufu
The Baker / Pulcinella Gondola – Lavinia Cosma
The Dog / Pulcinella Gondola – Andrei Dogaru

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