The Onion

adapted from "La Cipolla" by Aldo Nicolaj
A production by Dan Tudor

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Directed by: Dan Tudor
Stage design: Corina Grămoșteanu
Music: Vlaicu Golcea

The Onion„, a title as simple as it is surprising, adds a serious comedy to the repertoire of Stela Popescu Theatre. The text of the prolific Italian prose writer Aldo Nicolaj addresses serious topics in a relaxed manner, laughing out loud, but coolly, about the wrong choices or trajectories of his characters’ lives.

Piero, an agent to the stars at the height of his career, decides coolly to end his life despite a seemingly happy life. The life of the character Pierro della Pineda unfolds before the audience’s eyes just like an… onion, leaf by leaf, in an attempt to revisit and evaluate the image of his own existence. In a theatrical journey sprinkled with a lot of humour and self-irony as well as bitter reflection, the wife, the mistress, the best friend, the secretary, and even the two children take turns to redefine their relations with our hero.

A comedy with a refined Italian flavour directed by Dan Tudor, „The Onion” blends the unexpected situations in the protagonist’s life with carefully choreographed movement and music composed by Vlaicu Golcea, bringing the scenes to life in an elegant and versatile universe created by stage designer Corina Grămoșteanu.

OPENING NIGHT: Bucharest, 31st of October 2019, 19: 00 - Children’s National Palace, The Small Hall
RUNNING TIME: 1h 20 minutes, no intermission


Piero della Pineda, businessman – Adrian Păduraru
Giulia, his wife – Alexandra Velniciuc
Orestes, Piero’s friend – Sorin Aurel Sandu
Bianca, Piero’s mistress – Silvia Stanciu
Mimo Rasi, Bianca’s boyfriend – Cătălin Frăsinescu
Lucia, Piero’s secretary – Ana Maria Ivan
Liza, daughter of Piero and Giuliei – Andreea Șovan / Irina Cărămizaru
Nando, son of Piero and Giuliei – Cristian Neacșu

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