Sorin Aurel Sandu

Sorin Aurel Sandu

– Actor –

He received both his undergraduate as well as his Master’s degrees from the "I.L. Caragiale" National University of Theatre and Cinematography in the class of university professor Gelu Colceag in 2005 and 2007 respectively. He collaborated with Masca Theatre for 10 years. The shows: Gemenii (The Venetian Twins) by C. Goldoni (directed by M. M. Casarin), Venexiana (playwright and director M. M. Casarin) and the shows directed by Mihai Mălaimare: Vicleniile lui Scapino (Scapino), adapted from Moliere, Slugă la doi stăpâni (The Servant of Two Masters) by Carlo Goldoni, the musical Acul cumetrei Gurton (Gammer Gurton’s Needle) by W. Stevenson and Oglinda (In the Mirror) adapted from Briusov, are just some of the plays he performed in.

He collaborated with Tudor Vianu Theatre in the following shows: Omul care aduce ploaia (The Rainmaker) by Richard Nash (directed by Cosmin Crețu), Trei frați gemeni venețieni (The Three Venetian Twins) by Antonio Matiuzzi Collalto (directed by Mircea Crețu) and in the musical Bună seara, domnule Wilde (Good Evening, Mr. Wilde), adapted from "The Importance of Being Earnest", by Oscar Wilde (directed by Felix Crainicu).

As a founding member of the AMPHITHEATRROM Theatre Company he directed and starred in the performances Cerere în căsătorie (A Marriage Proposal) by A.P.Cehov and O noapte furtunoasă (A Stormy Night) by I.L.Caragiale (in the Rromani language). He also translated and adapted for the rromani language the play O noapte furtunoasă (A Stormy Night) by I.L. Caragiale, under the title „Jekh răt lisiame”, which was published in a bilingual edition Rromani-Romanian by the Vanemonde publishing house in 2012.

He has published the poetry books Transgresiune (Transgression) and Sete de rotundul vremii (Thirst for the Circular Time) – Notes from The Yellow Notebooks and he also hosts the TV show The Lives of the Roma on Național TV station.

La Teatrul Stela Popescu îl puteți vedea în rolurile: Oreste în spectacolul The Onion de Aldo Nicolaj (regia Dan Tudor), Lupul în spectacolul pentru copii The Uprising of the Stories de Sînziana Popescu (regia Tony Adam), Fanuel în spectacolul Stealing Lily of the Valley de Valeriu Anania (regia Amalia Ciolan), Monsieur Jaque în spectacolul Woman, The Eternal Mystery de Ema Stere (regia Attila Vizauer), Dl. Bickel și Dl. Zogg în spectacolul Bluebeard după Max Frisch (regia Alexander Hausvater), Regele Silvio în spectacolul The Love of Three Oranges, după o schița de Carlo Gozzi (regia Michele Modesto Casarin) și Harry Dalton în spectacolul Equus de Peter Shaffer (regia Victor Ioan Frunză)

At the Stela Popescu Theater it can be watched in:

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