Manuela Hărăbor

Manuela Hărăbor

- Actress -

She made her debut at the age of four in the film Veronica (directed by Elisabeta Bostan). She grew up between film sets and her father’s workshop, a sculptor-modeler at the old Bucharest Film Studio. Between 1987 and 1991 she studied acting at the Bucharest Academy of Theatre and Film with a leading professional of Romanian theatre and film, Mircea Albulescu, assisted in the last two years by the late Adrian Pintea. The role that propelled her into the public's eye was Simina in the film Pădureanca (The Forest Woman) (directed by Nicolae Mărgineanu).

Between 1986-1995 she acted in films such as (Secretul lui Nemesis /Nemesis’s Secret – directed by Geo Saizescu, Mircea /Mircea and Coroana de Foc / A Crown of Fire – directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, Rochia albă de dantelă /The White Lace Dress – directed by Dan Pița, Crucea de piatră/The Stone Cross – directed by Andrei Blaier), in theatre plays (Transport de femei /Female Transport by Steve Gooch – directed by Peter Bokor, Fuga /The Flight by Mihail Bulgakov – directed by Cătălina Buzoianu and Scandal în culise/Noises Off by Michael Frayn – directed by Tudor Mărăscu, all of them at the Comedy Theatre, as well as the roles Amelie inEscu by Tudor Mușatescu – directed by Nicoleta Toia and the role of Didina Mazu in D’ale carnavalului /Only During a Carnival – directed by Ștefan Iordănescu, both of them at The National Theatre in Timișoara) as well as the television series Ochii care nu se văd /Out of Sight – TVR, Cu un pas înainte /One Step Ahead and Doctori de mame /Doctors for Mothers – PRO TV and Fetele Marinarului /The Sailor’s Daughters – Antena 1). She has worked with the Globus Circus for five years as well as with the director Chris Simion (Daya Company) for the Undercloud Theatre for nine years. She was the Artistic Director of the Stela Popescu Theatre and since July 2018 she has been an actress at The Small Theatre in Bucharest.

At the Stela Popescu Theatre you can watch her in the role of Step Mother in the children's show Revolta poveștilor (The Uprising of the Stories) by Sînziana Popescu (directed by Tony Adam) and in the role of La Vechia in Dragostea celor trei portocale (The Love of Three Oranges), adapted from a sketch by Carlo Gozzi (directed by Michele Modesto Casarin).

At the Stela Popescu Theater it can be watched in:

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