Cristian Neacșu

Cristian Neacșu

– Actor –

He graduated from “Hyperion” University in 2010 in the class of Univ. prof. Maia Morgenstern and Assist. Amalia Ciolan. He started his career at the Loft Theatre with the roles Vladimir in Așteptându-l pe Godot (Waiting for Godot) by Samuel Beckett, Mr. Martin in Cântăreața cheală (The Bold Soprano) by Eugen Ionescu and The Housekeeper in Lecția (The Lesson) by Eugen Ionescu, all directed by Cristina Bilciu.

He collaborated with the Mask Theatre where he starred in the performances: Comedianții, Neguțătoarea din Veneția, Când dragostea poartă pâslari (The Comedians, The Merchantess Of Venice, When Love Walks in Slippers) and Regele Cerb The Stag King by Carlo Gozzi, all directed by Michele Modesto Casarin and in the shows: Vicleniile lui Scapino (Scapino) adapted from Molière, Militarul fanfaron (The Braggart Soldier) by Plautus, Flecărerile femeilor (Women’s Gossip) by Molière and the musical Acul Cumetrei Gurton (Gammer Gurton’s Needle) by W. Stevenson, all directed by Mihai Mălaimare.

Other important collaborations were the roles of The Policeman in Magicianul din Lublin (The Magician of Lublin) by I. Bashevis Singer, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu and Abel in Jocul vieții și al morții în deșertul de cenușă (Life and Death Dancing in the Desert of Ashes) by Eugen Lovinescu, directed by Amalia Ciolan.

Currently, he also works as Director of dubbing on the project at Audio Design Digital Art.

At the Stela Popescu Theatre you can see him in the following roles: Eliabar in Hoțul de mărgăritare (Stealing Lilly of the Valley) by Valeriu Anania (directed by Amalia Ciolan), Hansel in the children's show Revolta poveștilor (The Uprising of the Stories) by Sînziana Popescu (directed by Tony Adam), Pavel in Femeia, eterna poveste (Woman, The Eternal Mystery) by Ema Stere (directed by Atilla Vizauer) and The Son and Egon in Barbă albastră (Bluebeard) adapted from Max Frisch (directed by Alexander Hausvater).

At the Stela Popescu Theater it can be watched in:

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