Eveniment outdoor

„Stela în vacanță” pe bulevardul Kiseleff (proiectul „Străzi deschise”)

Atelier de joacă pentru copii
Durată spectacol: 1 oră
Data: 21.08.2022 | Ora: 10:00

The Anatomy of a Cliche

adaptation from a text by Alexandru Doru Spătaru
regia: Chris Simion – Mercurian
stage design: Maria Miu
Duration of the show: 1 hour and 20 minutes, no intermission
Data: 11.09.2022 | Ora: 19:30

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 Stela Popescu Theatre came into existence out of the boundless love for the stage, for the public and for artists themselves that the great cultural personality that gave the theatre its name had for them. Stela Popescu was an artist through and through, captivating and inspiring, versatile across all theatrical genres.
Along the same lines, Stela Popescu Theatre is currently an arena open to all theatrical expressions. Our theatrical productions welcome on stage both established artists and young creators just starting out their careers, while the performed plays, be they classical, modern, or contemporary, invite both theatre and performing arts enthusiasts to revel in fresh and dazzling shows.

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